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Getting intermittent errors. Every other day at least.

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    Recently (since our last renewal) we’ve been getting an error.txt attachment with notification e-mails. The error message reads: “

    There was an error generating the PDF file.
    Your server wasn't able to upload PDF file: Could not resolve host: PDF API

    Not every submission, but at least one out of 10. Please contact us as this is very inconvenient for our client.

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    Good news! Bad news. And, our sincerest apologies.

    Confirm with your client that this issue has not occurred since Friday, February 19, 2021.

    Over the last two weeks we have experienced an issue with our server, with loss of service two weeks ago, then another a few days ago, with many after that. However, no issues have occurred since Friday, February 19, 2021, that we are aware of.

    We have not located the exact cause of the bad news, what appears to be, a random memory leak. You have our sincere apologies. We realize the trust and faith you have in PRO2PDF as we are humbled by it.

    To mitigate the ongoing server stability issue, we doubled the server’s resources and will continue to monitor its performance closely.

    Moving the server to a new host is also being considered. However, Nexcess has been highly reliable for all of us for many years, so we will try the resource upgrade, and then we’ll see how to proceed.

    Please let us know if you experience any further issues!
    The good news is…
    #1. We’re committed to maintaining PRO2PDf as long as all the core apps remain compatible.

    #2. We have reopened the offer to migrate to E2Pdf. Click here.

    This offer was previously unavailable to users who purchased PRO2PDF after December 2018.

    All single-site users who purchased an activation key (or purchase one by the end of this week) may migrate to the latest – and greatest ever made – PDF plugin for Formidable Forms and many other data capturing plugins, including WP Page/Post Meta and our latest Woo extension, E2Pdf.

    Here’s a demo video of how to migrate your PRO2PDF license key.

    PRO2DF field map layout templates may be converted to E2Pdf with our migrate tool. Here’s a video of how to migrate PRO2PDF field map layouts.

    Did you know? E2Pdf can;
    Span data across pages.
    Save merged PDFs to your server.
    Send PDFs to Zapier and/or Adobe Sign.
    Instantly VIEW merged PDFs in WordPress after Submit.
    Add conditional logic and HTML (limited) to the merged PDF.
    Auto-create PDF Forms based on existing Formidable Forms.
    → → Auto-generate Formidable Forms ← ← based on an uploaded PDF form.
    And, there’s more… 

    We remain at your service.

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    The most recent error was yesterday 02/21/2021 at about 1:30 EST. So, unfortunately, I don’t believe that the issue has been perminantly fixed.

    Thank you for offering the switch to E2PDF, but unfortunately, we have a few VERY complex forms running on pro2PDF, and right now is the busy booking season for our client, so if I can avoid it, I won’t be migrating during such an important time. I will keep an eye on it and let you know if/when the error occurs again.


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