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    Amelia Enslin

    Good day

    I downloaded your newest formidablepro2pdf plugin and created a fallible form using Master PDF Editor.

    Everything pulls in as it should and to the correct locations, but im using a formidable signature plugin, and the signature displays as string of numbers and values in the generated pdf. I tried to type and draw a signature, and get the same result.

    Now i think its the way i made the pdf, meaning the field of the signature. I tried both a Signature field and an empty editor box. And both displays the signature as a string of text.

    Is this a issue on the plugin side or the field i use to create the pdf?

    Above is an example of a generated pdf

    Kind Regards

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    1. Confirm you have purchased the paid version of PRO2PDF
    2. Must use a PDF text field, not a PDF signature field.
    3. Confirm you selected the “SIGNATURE” option from the Format dropdown field on the field map layout.

    If all the above is confirmed, we may need to take a look at your installation, complete this form if possible, or send us a screenshot of the entire EXPORT tab with the field map layout selected and loaded.

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    Amelia Enslin

    Hi there

    Thanx for the reply!

    So only the paid version will physically display the signature? Even if i purchased formidable signature plugin on my own?

    Then to answer your questions:

    1) Using the free vesion (but purchased formidible signature plugin)
    2) The field is a plain text field
    3) Not sure what you mean in question 3, is this where i map die cells to the pdf itself? And creating my field map? So selecting my signature cell to map to the text field on the pdf? Or is there a specific option i need to set in the field map creator to say its a signature?

    Kind regards

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    Amelia Enslin


    I purchased a license in the meantime and followed all your steps but no change, ill submit the form for you

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    Amelia Enslin

    Hi There

    I fixed it, i never saw the extra field added when i purchased a license, thanx so much for the help!

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