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    I have created my form and got everything mapped correctly tot he pdf template i have created. The issue I am having, on the form there are a few price fields that are conditionally displayed ie with or without a discount, both of these fields map to the same field on the pdf being the product monthly cost. It would seem when more than one form field is mapped to a single pdf field even though one of them is only ever displayed, neither actually print out to the pdf on the export.
    Is there something I can do to get around this or is this just not possible?


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    There is currently not a way to map two Formidable fields to one PDF field, and have your desired result.

    To accomplish the result, we would map another PDF field and place it over the current pdf field on the PDF form, that way whichever field is populated in Formidable, it will show on the PDF, and whichever field is conditionally hidden, will be empty.

    Let us know if the above works for you, as we remain at your service.

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    Hi, that seems to have worked like a charm so totally happy with that work around, thanks 🙂

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