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Error generating the PDF file

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    Enrico Caro

    I have a 30 day trial of your plugin and I am having a problem. I have a pdf form file of 15.5 MByte, I mapped it correctly, but when I click on the “PDF preview” button after around 90 seconds I get this message

    There was an error generating the PDF file.
    The command was: pdftk ‘/home/****/*********.com/wp-content/uploads/fpropdf-forms/******.pdf’ fill_form ‘/tmp/fpropdfTmpFileiT6IEg’ output – flatten
    sh: pdftk: command not found

    way this happen? I have text, check, select and radio fields in the pdf and all of them are settled as (no formatting) in the field map and the multiple select, checkbox, and radio have the name and the value in pdf filed equal to the value in the corresponding filed in the formidable form.The “Enable local PDFTK” checkbox located under the plugin’s “Settings” tab is unchecked and the “Flatten PDF form” is set to YES and also the ” Attach file to Email notifications” is set to YES. With my other pdf form file (less than 2 MB big) the plugin works fine. I can’t reduce the weight of the pdf file anymore, but you told me that the PDF file weight is not a problem. Please help me to resolve the problem. Thanks in advance you for your help.
    P.s. I did add the * in the error message to obscure my website.

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    Please send the PDF file to support AT formidablepro2pdf DOT com.

    We remain at your service.

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    Enrico Caro

    after a month I am still waiting for an answer in the 13 of October you told me, by email,
    “We have recreated your document and are now troubleshooting the origin of the issue and hope to resolve the issue today.

    We remain at your service.”

    From then I didn’t receive any news from you. Well I am still waiting for an answer any news? I did ask you for an answer by email but you didn’t answer (don’t you receive email anymore? )So can I use your plugin or not with my document? The dimension of the document is or not a prbolem? because the problem appears only with big files?
    I hope to get an answer this time.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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