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    Just updated and now I have a shortcode for Automatic Download. Where do I put this shortcode.

    Here is what I would like to happen. I have a form that can be emailed or printed and routed via inter-office mail. I put a checkbox on the form by the Submit button for “Print Only”. When the checkbox is left unchecked and Submit is clicked, an email is sent with the form attached and any uploaded files. If the print only box is checked, no email is sent. This Works.

    When the Print Only box is checked, I want the PDF to automatically download or better yet, to open. (I assume this is the function of the new shortcode).

    So where do I put the new shortcode to make this happen? I tried putting it in the Success Message – but that just added a download link.


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    Use the inline Shortcode Parameter to open the PDF in the browser window for instant viewing.

    Use the download=”auto” Shortcode Parameter to prompt for a Save As (or open in the default application) depending on user’s default action.

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    Thanks for the response, but the inline shortcode parameter still prompts for open or save.

    I am trying to set up a form that will either email the PDF, or just provide a download link for printing – there is an option button to check for print only in the form. The email notification has a condition that says if Optional not = blank, send the email. That works fine, the email is sent and the attached form is completed.

    On my On Submit message, I used [if 436 not_equal=””][formidable-download form=”s7kje” dataset=[ID] layout=”13″][/if 436]

    When I click the download link, I get a message that no dataset has been selected. I have tried using just [ID] and “[ID]” but neither work. Using a static dataset doesn’t work either, because every time I go into the Export and choose my form (so I can get the dataset id) the dataset id changes – this doesn’t seem right to me.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Can you verify that you are using the inline parameter without including the download parameter automatically prompts to open or save, and paste the shortcut here?

    Changing the [id] to lower case, I tested [if 436 not_equal=””][formidable-download form=”s7kje” dataset=[id] layout=”13″][/if 436] and it works as expected.

    After changing, if you still experience any issues, paste your shortcode and we’ll check it for you. Replace ID’s with x’s and y’s if you’d prefer.

    We remain at your service.

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    Duh, I remember you mentioning in another post about the ID being lowercase. I added inline=1 and the PDF is now opening in the browser. So all is good. Thanks.

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