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    Shane Sparks

    I did the 30 day trial and upgraded to the one year. I made no changes to the settings and even after the upgrade it is not working. I did not know the reason the form was not working was because of the subscription here. Then I saw the email from your website. So I paid for one year. I put the activation key in on the plugin. Any ideas of why it is not working?

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    Complete this form to have us take a look at your installation, or provide the following;
    – Upload a screenshot of the plugin’s “Activated Forms” tab here.
    – Also provide any error message(s) which explains “it is not working“.
    – Where you able to use the plugin before the upgrade to 1-year?

    We remain at your service.

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    Shane Sparks

    I completed that form, is there any update? I Need this to work to run my business. I am going to be setting this up for many of my businesses. So we will have multiple yearly subscriptions. Please fix asap.

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    Check your spam folder and let us know if we ended up there… We replied directly to you by email (shane@smarttechs******.com) on Sat, Feb 22, 7:38 PM (9 days ago)

    Here’s that reply…
    PRO2PDF appears to be functioning as expected. However, we did find several issues;
    1. The PDF Form is using ArialMT for all the field fonts. ArialMT does not appear to be compatible and is causing the characters to appear as boxes.
    – FIX: Change the font to Arial.
    2. There are three (3) abandoned PRO2PDF Field Map Layouts that need to be deleted. – SEE ATTACHED (Delete all three)
    3. There are two (2) PRO2PDF Field Map Layouts that are set to send a PDF attachment of the same form. – SEE ATTACHED (Delete one)
    4. There are special characters in the “PDF file name in e-mails:” field of the PRO2PDF Field Map Layout – We suggest you do not use special characters in the field name.
    5. The PDF Form’s filename contains special characters. – We suggest you do not use special characters in the field name.

    To replace the PDF Form without recreating the field map layout, upload the corrected Form, then load the Field Map Layout, change the PDF form from the PDF Form dropdown field, then SAVE the Field Map Layout.

    To DELETE field map layouts: Select the layout from the dropdown list, then click the DELETE ENTIRE FIELD MAP LAYOUT button.

    Let us know if you need more assistance.

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