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dataset=[id] does not word

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    Benjamin Laidin


    I am trying to allow my user to download their own datas on a PDF. When I add the [id] tag to generate the data of the current user, the shortcode does not work. I send you a screenshot:

    I read several posts on your forum but my bug is not listed.

    Please, help me to solve this problem. I need this functionnality.

    Best regards

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    Confirm you are placing the PRO2PDF shortcode directly inside of the Formidable Form’s On-Submit Message box.

    It appears you may be placing the PRO2PDF shortcode directly on a page or post, if you are, you’ll need to create a Formidable View and add the PRO2PDF to the view.

    If you are using the shortcode in the on-submit message box, then;
    . Are you able to export the PDF from the plugin’s Export tab?
    . Use this form to send us a screenshot of the shortcode and where it is placed.

    We remain at your service.

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    Benjamin Laidin

    I followed absolutely all the steps of the documentation. I’ve been there for hours since yesterday.
    It doesn’t seem like it works …

    The generated PDF still uses data from an entry and not from the current user entry.

    I also noticed that the redirect option after submitting the form is not working.

    Can you confirm to me that this plugin is still working?

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    Benjamin Laidin

    Screenshot of submission option:

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    Yes, the plugin is still working for thousands of daily users.

    Complete this form to allow us to login to your site so we can provide specific support, or provide the following screenshots.
    – The page/post where the View shortcode is placed.
    – The View showing the pro2pdf shortcode.
    And verify the following;
    – You are able to export a merged PDF from the plugin’s EXPORT tab.
    – The shortcode does work when testing the View.

    We remain at your service.

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