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Custom mapping of checkbox fields (again) with "Other" option

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    Michael Bryne


    We are using the Pro version (pro2pdf 1.7.29 / formidable 2.0.15) and I would like to extend the mapping functionality and do my own mapping for certain field types etc. Are there any hooks / filters that will allow this?

    In formidablepro-2-pdf/format.php you have a call to apply_filters on fpropdf_additional_formatting that accepts a *value* only, (no extra field information or format is supplied here so I can’t apply it on a per-field basis).

    We currently have a bit of a show-stopper on this really as we have hundreds of forms that we need to parse through your plugin and need a bit more control over how the form fields get mapped.

    I could not find any documentation on any hooks / filters that will help us in this regard and we are stuck until we can get some clarification on this issue,

    Great plugin, super happy with it but we need some field value hooks / filters!

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    There are no hooks or filters, however we do have a custom plugin that contains a filter which can be used to add additional formatting options to merged fields.

    We will soon be offering the custom plugin as a paid add-on with premium support, however for now you can be a beta tester… I’ll email the plugin directly to you.

    We remain at your service.

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    Is there now a possibility that you can map the “other option” field with the checkbox? I can show the value of the input box in the PDF, but it doesn’t take the checkbox in front of it.

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    Due to how the Adobe Acrobat Checkbox Method works, there is no way to map an “unknown value” to a PDF checkbox field because the PDF checkbox field requires a preset “Value” to work.

    With that said, here’s a couple of work-arounds we use;
    1. Use Formidable’s Conditional Fomatting option to Show/Hide the “OTHER” textbox field when the “OTHER” checkbox is checked. Then, map the Formidable checkbox to the PDF Form’s “OTHER” checkbox field and the Formidable Form’s “OTHER” textbox field to the PDF Form’s “OTHER” textbox field.

    2. Change the Adobe PDF Checkbox field to a single text box which will display the value from the formidable form checkbox field. (…save a lot of space on your PDF!)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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