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    Michael Hipp


    I have wordpress / formidable Pro / woocommerce setup where my visitors use formidable to create products in woocommerce. What I’d like is to use your plugin to create only part of the form into PDF, then making the PDF available to download as a product.

    I already know how to set up the form to create a product within wordpress. My question to you is, how would I take part of the form information and have the PDF created available as a downloadable product within woocommerce?

    I’m basically wanting to sell the contact information from the form as individual leads. I am hoping that your plugin can be used to populate the PDF for use as a paid download.



    If this can happen, I will gladly purchase

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    We have an add-on plugin available ($10) that saves the merged PDF to your server, which should accommodate the woocommerce paid download file requirement, however you’ll need to contact woocommerce to find out how/where to save the file. If needed, please complete this form and we’ll send the add-on to you.

    We can also assist with custom programming and woocommerce integration, if needed. Use this form to request a quote.

    We remain at your service.

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