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    The following is our problem:

    The wordpress db character set is utf8mb4 (the language settings is hungarian).

    In the database and in the Formidable the entries appear right, but in the PDF the text appears with the wrong characters.

    Where can I change the Formidable2pdf’s character’s set, or what kind of setting can we use in the database to make it appear the character set good, how can I make it appear right?


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    The issue is likely missing software on your server. PDF files use UTF-16, not UTF-8, so we use the PHP MBstring module to re-encode text, which is available on most servers:

    There’s a fallback when the module is not installed:

    If you can install one or the other the issue should go away. If one or both are already installed on your server, we may need FTP access to check the issue. In that case if you can provide credentials please send to support(at)

    We remain at your service.

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    Macit Tuncer

    i have the same problem with turkish characters not showing on PDF file but shows on admin panel entry page.

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    If still needed, we have added a Language dropdown to the Field Map Layout in the latest version which includes a “Unicode” option with Turkish, Hungarian, Slovenian, Croatian, Slovak, Czech, Thai, and other characters. Update the plugin to use the new language dropdown.
    We remain at your service.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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