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best way to create PDF file from form?

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    I have a form with about 80 fields (it’s a little complex?)
    So the formidable form is complete and it looks perfect on website, as in all fields and text, paragraphs, layout, etc is all good.

    Any thoughts or ideas on best, easiest, most efficient way to get the PDF file created?

    or maybe there isn’t a simple, fast way… you just have the manually create the PDF file and make sure all fields are done correctly 🙁

    either way, i just wanted to ask first!

    ps. I saw you can have fivver do it… but if that is the only idea, I’ll do it myself 🙂

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    Create the PDF form and name the fields the same as the Formidable Form field_name (or field_key if the field_name is used more than once), except checkbox fields. For checkboxes, name each field in a group the same as the Formidable checkbox “option” and set it’s “export value” to the same.

    Then, select the “Enable automated layout creation for new field maps” option on the plugin’s SETTINGS tab.

    Then, upload the PDF and create a new field map layout, all fields will map automatically – except checkbox fields, map each PDF checkbox field in a group to the one Formidable checkbox field.

    Use this form if you would like a quote from us to create the field map layout and merge.

    We remain at your service.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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