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    I can successfully generate PDFs based on formidable forms data entered by a user – it was SO EASY, thank you!!

    I have almost 100 PDFs, most are just variations on a theme. There are two fields and I can use just one form to fill them out. I am wondering if it is necessary to make a field mapping for every single PDF since they are all the same? If I do, what is the most efficient way to accomplish this task?

    Also, is there a way to programatically watermark a PDF using PRO2PDF? I would like to mark a preview as draft and then remove the watermark once they pay for the document.


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    Thank you for using and liking the plugin!

    If your PDFs are the same, except for the data, then you can likely use conditional logic to show/hide fields and data values. However, we would need more information to provide a suggested path. Can you provide the user workflow and the desired result?

    There is not a built-in way to add a watermark, however, you can conditionally fill a hidden form field that adds/removes the “watermark” text.

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    The user chooses a product. It has variations, exact same template, different colors. The color option is controlled by WooCommerce.
    * color choice

    The user chooses a color and fills in the form; it has one user entered field:
    * event name

    There are two hidden fields:
    * total (to enable WooCommerce/Formidable Forms plugin)
    * copyright (to fill in the copyright field with the current year)

    At this point I would like to be able to display a preview link with a watermark in their cart and on the page. I could add a watermark field as you suggested.

    They go through the WooCommerce checkout and make their payment. Upon payment completion the user should be able to download the unwatermarked document.

    Note: I have 8 documents in the exact same format with up to 6 color variations. I have PDFs for each one of those color variations.

    I hope this explanation helps some.


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    What would be great is if the shortcode could be modified to include a PDF filename. That way I could programatically create the link.



    [formidable-download form="tmzhz" dataset="25" layout="1008" file="product1_green"]
    [formidable-download form="tmzhz" dataset="25" layout="1008" file="product1_red"]

    [formidable-download form="tmzhz" dataset="25" layout="1008" file="product2_green"]
    [formidable-download form="tmzhz" dataset="25" layout="1008" file="product2_red"]


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    There is a shortcode parameter to name the file, but that does not change which PDF file is being used for the merge. (Login to view all parameters here.)

    Reading through the workflow, the plugin may be capable of the desired result, except we are not clear about the “8 documents in the exact same format with up to 6 color variations“. Can you elaborate, or better, are you able to skype in English about this request? If so, please complete this form with your skypeID, but without the plugin and login info, and also include the best time to reach you.

    We remain at your service.

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    I’ve sent you the info, looking forward to hearing from you anytime.

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    We sent a Skype request to you, we need more information about your project to determine the best path to take.

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