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Automatic generation of multipages PDF from a single entry

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    Hi Guys,

    We are using Formidable Pro on most of our clients websites from many years and one of our clients asked us if it’s possible to generate Multipage PDF receipts from within his website and we are wondering if your plugin could help with this before purchasing a licence for it.

    Here is what he is looking for :

    This client wants to be able to search for a MEMBER NUMBER that is stored in a form entries, select it, enter a starting receipt number and generate one PDF file containing 25 receipts (25 pages) using the same layout and prefilled with the informations associated with the selected member number. The 25 pages should be identicals except for the RECEIPT NUMBER that should be increased of +1 at each page.

    Example :

    Searching for member ID 222

    Formidable found 1 record associated to this ID.

    Client enter the first receipt number : 123550

    Client click on DOWNLOAD PDF.

    The generated PDF should contain 25 pages filed with name, address, city, member ID and member expiration date associated to the ID 222. All pages should be identical (using the same PDF layout) except for the RECEIPT NUMBER that will be displayed on top of each page who should will be 132550 (page 1), 132551 (page 2), 132552 (page 3), etc…

    Is it possible to do this with your FP2PDF? Is it easy to do it?

    Do you have any examples of how to accomplish this?

    Is the PDF can be sent automatically by email instead of having to download it manually?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Yes, using Formidable Forms together with the PRO2PDF plugin will accomplish the desired result.

    To create the desired functionality we would add 25 hidden fields to the Formidable form and use Formidable’s calculated field functionality to auto-number the hidden fields, then map the hidden fields to the PDF form.

    We do not have an example, however, we could create a basic template for you, if needed. Use this form to request a quote.

    Yes, the resulting PDF may be emailed as an attachment when the user submits the form.

    We remain at your service.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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