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“Thanks for your help setting up the PDF maker and for the free features. We need to download automatically and make the pdfs flat.”

by Elaine U.
  Free Version

“Thanks for helping me print Tooth Fairy Certificates – blue for boys and red for girls – with free versions of everything. It all works perfectly!”

by Dominique Landry
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“With Formidable Pro PDF Extended being discontinued we thought we’d have to redevelop our entire site, but with Formidable PRO2PDF we just need to switched our PDF’s to PDF forms.”

by Web Manager
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“99% of our forms are from insurance companies and we can’t change or recreate them in HTML. This plugin was the perfect solution to print all our pre-printed PDF forms and allows all our clients to download and print filled out and flattened PDF files.”

by Office Manager
  Trial Version

“Looks great, but I can’t make it do what the demo does, can you help?”

by Martha Anthony
What's Your Review of Formidable PRO2PDF?

What's Your Review of Formidable PRO2PDF?