Trial Version

“It’s crazy the amount of support these guys gave me even on the trial version. They went into my website, figured out the problem, and even volunteered to fix it for me. This great support is hard to come by these days, I will definitely be buying this plugin.”

by Mr. Mateu
  Full Version

“Really good plugin, does exactly what is supposed to do!”

by Allen Ravin
  Full Version

“I haven’t got round to fully using the plugin just yet but done some extensive testing and everything works really well and as advertised. It’s simple to use and the form fields on a PDF are filled in with ease. I personally create the PDF documents with PDF Pen Pro for Mac and the fields are recognised perfectly with this plugin. The ability to have a dynamic short code allowing the instant download of the currently completed formidable form is fantastic and in my testing works brilliantly. The small amount I’ve spoken with sales / support was excellent with a quick response.”

by Adrian Thompson
  Free Version

“Excellent product. Superb support!”

by Payne N Diaz
  Free Version

“great this is free plugin and setup video is perfect! need to know data must be in form to make map layout see pdf field . thanx alot”

by maliei boa
What's Your Review of Formidable PRO2PDF?

What's Your Review of Formidable PRO2PDF?