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    Hi There, I’ve come across something I haven’t encountered before in the Export tab. For some reason, the ‘PDF File Name in Emails; field within the field map designer is greyed out/disabled. It seems to be just for this new field map I’ve created, the others I’ve done are editable.

    I haven’t done anything different than I normally do when creating a field map. What might be causing this?

    Thank you!

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    This is an odd one… we have no prior occurrence of the issue you’ve described with the paid version of the plugin.

    Please try the following;
    . Reboot your computer and then open one browser window and clear the browser’s cache; if no change then;
    . Create a duplicate Field Map Layout using the “Duplicate this field map” located at the bottom of the field map layout and see if the new copy works as expected.

    Let us know if the above solves the issue, as we remain at your service.

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    Hi, Thanks for the suggestions. I restarted and deleted my cache, and tried again, but the same result. It appears to be the same across different browsers, and even so when I check it using a different computer altogether. I suppose it is very possible that the issue may be that I am using FormidablePRO v 2.01.0b2 which is still in Beta. Is there any way to validate that it may be a compatibility issue without the need to downgrade Formidable? I’m using a function that was released in this beta version which I just can’t do without now (Lookup fields), unfortunately.

    Would imagine it could be possible to manually change the ‘default file name in emails’ directly in my site files somewhere? And if so, can you tell me where? Otherwise, where is FormidablePRO getting the read-only value it is showing? If I can change the source it’s getting the info from, that would probably be just fine.

    Thanks again for all the help. Happy to provide credentials to my site if you find access would be helpful to you.

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    Oh, forgot to note that I also tried duplicating the field map, but it didn’t help. I also had created another field map for another form after posting this last night, and it’s also doing the same thing.


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    Yes, please provide credentials by completing this form. We like to see exactly what is causing the plugin to disable the field. Thank you.

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    Great thanks. I’ve submitted the info.

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    It was not marked as read-only, the grayed out text is the ‘default filename’ you can just type over it. 😉

    Give it a try and let us know if you experience any issues while we remain at your service.

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    Well…. this is sooo embarrassing. The problem was definitely residing between chair and computer 🙁 I was so busy trying to select the whole line to type over it, god forbid I tried to just click in the box and type! Thanks so much, and my sincerest apologies for using your time for something like this, especially when you likely have much more legitimate support requests to handle…..I will try not to do this to you again!

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    No worries!!! This is a good support thread because it really does look like a read-only or disabled field. It’s a lot like a Windows Username & Password login box when there is no password set, most people will never try “no password” and be locked out forever…

    Thanks for using the plugin, do not spend a lot of time trying to figure something out if something doesn’t seem to be working correctly, check this forum and if you don’t see it, then don’t hesitate to ask us, as we are truly at your service!

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