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    if I click on the ‘export’ tab, the field map designer doesn’t load. I have seen that some people have the same problem. Unfortunately, no proposed solution worked for me. The form has one entry (so not empty), is activated in Formidable2PDF and works fine. I installed the plugin once via FTP and even through the backend. Nothing works. Only ‘Loading layout… Please wait…’ is shown.

    Can you help me?

    Select the form to export data from: ‘myFormName’
    Select the dataset to export: ‘Add matching layout first – DATE’
    Field Map to use: ‘New field map’
    Enable field previews in the Field Map Designer: ‘checked’

    I use:
    Formidable Pro – v2.0.23
    Formidable Pro2PDF – v2.20

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    Sounds like something may be wrong with the PDF form. Does the field map layout work with the Demo form? Please complete this form if we can login to your WP installation to take a look.

    NOTE: The plugin is not compatible with LiveCycle forms.

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    No, the field map layout doesn’t work with the Demo form. With a new own form, it doesn’t even work.
    Unfortunately, my boss doesn’t want to publish the login. Which informations do yo need? Is there possibly another way to solve the problem?

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    If the plugin does not work with the Demo form, and if the plugin has never worked on your server, then we have no other suggestions, we would need to review the installation.

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    Try uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin, also try disabling other plugins and changing the theme to see if there is a conflict.

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    I disabled all the other plugins and changed to several templates/themes. Nothing has helped. On other websites with the same settings, versions and installations the plugin works. PHP 5.6 is set pn the server. The only difference between the functioning plugins and this one is the server itself. The running systems are Linux servers. This one is a Microsoft Server. Could that be the problem?

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    We have not experienced any issues with MS servers. At this point, we would need to see the installation and may also need FTP access to find and fix the cause.

    We remain at your service.

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