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    James Stark

    Hi, me and my partners just purchased your product but we are running into some limitations. What drew us to your platform was the ability to do the repeatable fields, but we need the generated pdfs to only include sections of text if there are corresponding results from the form. Our documents include things like children and gifts, and there are sections underneath them in the document. So if someone has 3 kids the document would be longer than if they only had one, and so on. So to be able to do it in your platform we would need to have all of the sections there with the callbacks and all the accompanying text for up to like 10 children and then manually delete the unneeded paragraphs after the pdf is generated if they have less than ten children. So in short, is there any way for your program to be able to dynamically figure out whether to include sections in the results pdfs based off of whether the callbacks included in those sections are populated? And if there are no answers from the form to go into the callbacks in those sections is there a way for none of that section to show in the pdf, not just the callback area? We have tried about 5 different form builders and pdf generators and keep getting held up by this fact. Right now we are in between you and webmerge and both of your programs cannot seem to do this, but they output it in word so it is easier to delete the unneeded content. Any help would be appreciated, we are trying to include your system in our new project. Thanks in advance!

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    PRO2PDF will only fill-in a PDF form, it will not create pages or create/delete sections of a page. As a work-around we have created additional versions of a PDF form which are changed dynamically based on how much data is entered into the Formidable Form.

    For instance, if a form could have 1 to 5 entries in a repeatable section, we would map 5 PDF forms (1 with one entry, 1 with two entries, 1 with three entries, etc…) Then dynamically create the PRO2PDF shortcode based on the number of repeatable entries.

    We realize this is an industry-wide issue and our future version of PRO2PDF (called e2PDF) will create pages or create/delete sections of a page. We expect to have a beta version ready by sometime in November.

    We remain at your service.

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    any news about e2PDF? Would be great to add new pages.

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