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    Gary Collins


    We have a new registration system that our patrollers are using to register for each season. This is all done with the Formidable Pro plugin for WordPress.

    After they complete their registration and make payment they are redirected back to our site to a registration complete page.

    On this page I would like to have a button that generates the pdf and begins a download for them.

    This pdf would just be a letter where I would need to map their Name into the letter, and the current date, very simple.

    1. Can a PDf be created AFTER a form is submitted and their entries saved in WP? or is this only be done while a form is being submitted by the user?

    2. If a user clicks my button will it automatically begin a download, or will it open up the pdf in another window where they would need to save the pdf to their computer? I would prefer it just starts the download.



    1. The PDF may be created on demand by passing the user’s entry ID as a URL parameter to the “registration complete page” where you’ll put a Formidable View shortcode exactly where you want he download link to go. See this how to use the shortcode in a page or post

    2. Use the plugin’s shortcode parameter download=”auto” to automatically start the download. Optional parameters are available here to view in browser window, flatten the file, change the filename and much more.

    We remain at your service.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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