Request Under Freedom Of Information Act

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Request Under Freedom Of Information Act Template

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Invoke the Freedom of Information Act with this web form to PDF form template by requesting and testing the openness, accessibility and transparency of government and public institutions at the local, state and federal levels.

Template wording is provided by online free legal services such as,, and, as such the form below uses basic boilerplate language and is intended as an example. The wording may not be vetted by an expert, or updated. It may not be legally valid.

Template Details

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PRO version of Formidable Forms is required.
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Template requires PRO version of Formidable PRO2PDF.
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Design: INLINE – AdvancedINLINE - Advanced
Leaves no extra space between the data and existing text.
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Includes all forms, field map layouts, and PDFs.
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Formidable Form

This first form comes with 14 fields, and the template ranks as small in size, while the second form – with only one visible and one hidden field – still earns the advanced design rating.

On submit, the 1st form seamlessly opens the 2nd form, which in turn merges the data from Wordpress to produce a pre-formatted, print-ready PDF document – complete with inline data.

Field Map Layout

While Field Map Layouts are invaluable in merging Wordpress data into PDF forms, this layout is unlike other PDF Form fill apps because it does not actually map any of the fields from the Request Under Freedom Of Information Act form,  it instead maps a 2nd form to accomplish filling a PDF form 100% inline, leaving no extra space around the field data and the PDF text.

freedom of information act field map layout

PDF Form File

This 1-page Request Under Freedom Of Information Act pdf form is created with only 1 Formidable form field. Using Formidable’s Get Values from Entries shortcodes, the template pulls data from one form to another to instantly create a seamless, customized, and ready for use PDF document based on the data entry of site users.

Working Demo

This working demonstration of the Request Under Freedom Of Information Act template will fill in the Request Under Freedom Of Information Act PDF form to create a merged PDF output, complete with inline text – leaving no extra space around the data – for a highly professional result and final presentation.

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Request Under Freedom Of Information Act

Free Online Form Demo

pro2pdf_Request Under Freedom Of Information Act
NOTICE: Template wording is provided AS IS, and may not be legal, accurate, or updated.
You should consult an attorney prior to using.