Formidable PRO2PDF Plugin Reviews

  Full Version

"I have a few more things lined up and I definitely have you guys in mind...will contact you as soon as everything is lined up.... You guys do great work."

by hwerfelli on
  Free Version

"Excellent and easy to use"

by Phil Wesley-Brown
  Full Version

"Thanks a lot! We chose a full version, specifically for awesome support! Cheers!"

by L.K.
  Full Version

"Great product and, if you need it, the support is super fast and incredibly helpful. We recommend it to our clients."

by Gary
  Trial Version

"I bought a 30 day trial version to test the plugin with just one form. Upon installation I stumbled upon an issue that, as we found out later with the help of the awesome support team, was not related to Formidable2pdf plugin, but had more to do with font compatibility with Adobe Acrobat, installed on my machines. The support team was super fast with responses to my questions and was very patient overall to many questions that I had. I’m now buying the full version of the plugin for my business, which will make the HR department’s workflow so much more efficient now! Thank you guys for a great product and service!"

by Bek K. Healthcare staffing agency
What's Your Review of Formidable PRO2PDF?

What's Your Review of Formidable PRO2PDF?